What is Beer Dispense?

What is Beer Dispense?

What is beer dispense?

With over 40 years dedicated to beer dispense solutions we are experts in our field. However, if you are new to the world of beer you may be wondering ‘what exactly is beer dispense?’. Let’s break it down. Beer dispense refers to the process of serving beer from a keg or cask to a glass for consumption. It involves the use of specialised equipment, such as draft systems, to deliver the beer in a controlled manner while maintaining freshness and quality.

There are several different methods of beer dispense, each suited to different settings and preferences:

Draft System: The most common method used in bars and restaurants, a draft system involves storing kegs of beer in a cellar or chilled cellar and dispensing them through cooling equipment connected to a tap at the bar. The beer is typically carbonated and cooled before being served, ensuring a consistent temperature and perfect level of carbonation. At Atlantic we provide both Bar equipment and Cellar equipment.

Cask Ale: Also known as "real ale," cask ale is traditionally served from a cask (or barrel) without additional carbonation. It undergoes secondary fermentation in the cask, resulting in a natural carbonation process. Cask ale is often served using a hand pump (beer engine) that draws the beer from the cask and dispenses it directly into the glass. You can find Cask equipment that we offer on our website.

Temporary Bars: If a bar structure is already in place this is where a beer dispense system can be provided to get the beer from keg to glass. Atlantic provide all the necessary cooling equipment and dispense equipment to dispense any brand on a temporary bar. We use our own coolers to achieve the extra cold temperatures many brands require, and our own founts to attach to the provided surface. Interested in a temporary bar set up? Get in touch via our contact page.

Mobile Bars: A mobile bar is a portable setup designed to serve beverages at events, parties, weddings, festivals, or any location where a traditional fixed bar may not be available or practical. We offer national coverage and are able to custom make mobile bars in various shapes, sizes, and styles, enabling us to cater to different types of events and preferences. We are able to supply mobile bars with both cask ale and draft beer set ups with trained staff for any event you are organising. Looking for a mobile beer dispensing solution for an event? Get in touch via our contact page.

Bottle Service: In settings where draft beer is not available or practical, beer can be served from bottles or cans. Atlantic specialises in all areas of refrigeration, notably within the leisure sector where we supply bottle cabinets and other associated equipment. If you are interested in bottle cabinets or any other associated service equipment you can get in touch via our contact page.

Proper beer dispense is essential for maintaining the quality and flavour of the beer, as factors such as temperature, carbonation level, and cleanliness of equipment can affect the taste and appearance of the final product. Atlantic help bars, breweries, and event organisers with quality dispense equipment to ensure that beer is served correctly and enjoyed by customers and guests. Are you looking for new beer dispense solutions? Or are you having any issues with beer dispense? Give our service line a call on 01255 224 640 or contact us via our contact page. 

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