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Pavilion Seating Area

In June 2020 our highly skilled team have been working hard to produce a new seating area for Clacton Pavilion's new outside bar. this was to include 3 diffrent style of items from us, a bench, a bench with canopy, and a table. We were faced with a criteria that was important to meet to ensure the build would be durable enough to last for years to come. Due to the Pavilion being on the seafront it was highly important that this seating area would last in harsh weather and hold their own against the salt in the air (known to accelerate the oxidation of ferrous metals). To overcome this problem with an affordable solution was to make the frameworks out of 100mm x 50mm x 3mm galvanised box section and to make the tops/seats using scaffold board, this left us feeling comfortable that the framework was both weather resistant and durable enough to do its job for years to come!  Below are the CAD drawings made by our very own design department of the three different parts we came up with.  


Bench With Canopy Exploded View

All three different items that our design department developed were then manufactured with precision by our fabrication department. After many hours of cutting and MAG welding the benches were completed, matching the standard we first set out for! Completed images below!