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Tap Wall Equipment

In recent years tap walls are becoming ever more popular, they host great advantages such as leaving front bar space free for service to operate with greater efficiency as more often than not this space on the bar is cluttered with fonts making communication with your customers harder. At Atlantic our aim is to make the installation and maintenance of your tap wall as conveniently possible! We do this by offering you fabricated stainless steel wall mounts which give you everything an operational tap wall should have these all include;

-Pre-cut tap holes make installation really easy and are spaced to make sure you are using a little space as possible without hindering service, 
-Stainless steel splash back (This makes cleaning a really easy task),
-Drip tray to help prevent spillages and drips from the taps from becoming extra hassle,
-Drainage which can be installed into waste pipes meaning you will never have to empty a drip tray,